2010-06-04 Wilkes Barre, PA, United States (Glam Nation Tour)

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Glam Nation Tour.jpg Date: June 4, 2010[1]
Event: Glam Nation Tour
Type: Concert
Televised: No
Venue: F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
City: Wilkes Barre
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States


Credits: newland21
This is the first show of the Glam Nation Tour. According to The Times Reader[2], RCA is quoted as saying that the concert is off limits to all media outlets. Their reason is that Adam is a "young performer and the Kirby show [is] the first date on his first-ever solo headlining tour".

Adam sings "Broken Open" in this performance. (The song is later dropped from the setlist, beginning from June 17, 2010; see here.)

It is also during this performance that Adam has a wardrobe malfunction. His "shirt", which turned out to be just a collar and sleeves, ripped out of the vest it was sewn into. This led to a campaign on twitter for Adam to join #teamnoshirt. Whether the campaign worked or not, Adam returned the next night wearing just the vest.

Other highlights include:

  • First ever live performance of "Aftermath" (acoustic).
  • First ever live performance of "Voodoo".
  • First performance of "Ring of Fire" since Party City Halloween Bash on October 24, 2009.


  1. Voodoo
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole
  3. Ring of Fire
  4. Fever
  5. Sleepwalker
  6. Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)
  7. Soaked (Acoustic)
  8. Aftermath (Acoustic)
  9. Erotica Interlude, Sure Fire Winners
  10. Strut
  11. Music Again
  12. Broken Open
  13. If I Had You
  14. Encore: Mad World (Acoustic)



  1. This is the first show of the Glam Nation Tour.
  2. The Times Leader, "Lambert brings ‘Glam’ to the Kirby REVIEW"

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