2012-05-20 KTUphoria 2012

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KTUphoria (2012-05-20).png Date: May 20, 2012
Event: KTUphoria 2012 (103.5 KTU) (Trespassing Promo)
Type: Concert
Televised: No
Venue: PNC Bank Arts Center
City: Holmdel
State: New Jersey
Country: United States


Adam performs at KTUphoria 2012, organised by 103.5 KTU. Just before "Cuckoo", Adam invites a fan on stage, whom he met earlier at a M&G, lightheartedly joking about the fan being a "crazy bitch" and screaming when she first met him. The fan jumps on to him when she gets on stage and later dances off it as he starts singing the song.


  1. Trespassing
  2. Kickin' In
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. Naked Love
  5. Never Close Our Eyes
  6. Cuckoo


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