2014-04-01 Glee S05E14 "New New York"

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Glee.jpg Date: April 1, 2014
Event: Glee, S05E14: "New New York"
Type: TV Series
Televised: Yes
Venue: Paramount Studios
City: Hollywood
State: California
Country: United States


A few months after the end of the glee club, New Directions alumni are adjusting to their new lives in the Big Apple: Blaine and Sam have moved in with Kurt, while Artie experiences difficulties navigating the mean streets of Manhattan. Also, Rachel gets accustomed to being a Broadway star, and Mercedes moves to New York to work on her album. Musical performances include "Downtown", "You Make Me Feel So Young", "Best Day of My Life", "Rockstar", "Don't Sleep In The Subway", and "People".

Song List

  1. Downtown
  2. You Make Me Feel So Young
  3. Best Day of My Life
  4. Rockstar (feat. Adam Lambert)
  5. Don't Sleep in the Subway
  6. People




  1. I removed some TV dialogue that cuts into the song.

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