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These scripts were developed with the main purpose of simplifying bulk media file conversions. Each *.cmd file works standalone. For the Mac-compatible versions of these scripts, please see here.

There are currently 11 scripts:

  1. Batch AAC to M4A Audio Remuxer v1: AAC_to_M4A.cmd
  2. Batch FLV to M4A Audio Remuxer v1: FLV_to_M4A.cmd
  3. Batch FLV to MP4-MKV Video Remuxer (With Auto Frame Rate Detector) v2: FLV_to_MP4-MKV_AutoFPS.cmd
  4. Batch FLV to MP4 Video Remuxer (Manual Frame Rate Input) v1: FLV_to_MP4_ManualFPS.cmd
  5. Batch MP4 to FLV Remuxer v1: MP4_to_FLV.cmd
  6. Batch MP4 Video to M4A Audio Remuxer v1: MP4_to_M4A.cmd
  7. Batch M4A to M4A Audio Remuxer v1: MP4_to_M4A.cmd
  8. Batch WEBM to OGG Audio Remuxer v1: WEBM_to_OGG.cmd
  9. MP4 Video Joiner (Using MP4Cat) v1: JoinMP4_MP4Cat.cmd
  10. RTMP Lossless Video Ripper v1: RTMP_FLVRip.cmd
  11. ISM Lossless Video Ripper v1: ISM_MKVRip.cmd

The purpose of each script should be self-explanatory from their titles.

To run these scripts, simply double-click on them after you have adjusted the program folder settings in config.ini.

NOTE: These scripts work only on the Windows OS and have been tested on XP.




2012-04-06: Minor fix for release v4
2012-04-04: Major release v4
2012-02-12: Major release v3
2012-01-30: Major release v2
2011-08-14: Major release v1


By default,

  • The base installation folder is C:\batchconvert; all batch files (*.cmd) are found in this folder
  • All executables are stored in C:\batchconvert\software.
  • The source files are stored in C:\convertfiles
  • The temp files are stored in C:\convertfiles\temp
  • The output files are stored in C:\convertfiles\dest

Should you wish to install the files elsewhere, make sure you modify config.ini accordingly.

To install, unzip the files into the C:\BatchConvert.


Unauthorised copying and distribution is not allowed.


If you discover any bugs, please contact me at @terra_zephead on Twitter.


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