Handling Lossless Audio

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Essential Software



  • AddaWav
    Key feature: Combining WAV files
  • CD Wave (not free, but no limitations on unregistered version)
    Key features: Creating/deleting split points in WAV (supports 24-bit and surround audio), splitting WAV, read/write CUE, encode FLAC/OGG/MP3
  • dBpoweramp Music Converter (not free)
    Key features: Convert to MP3, FLAC, Apple lossless easily; also great for downsampling 24bit/96kHz audio to 16bit/44.1kHz audio.
  • Exact Audio Copy
    Key feature: Best Windows software for burning error-free CDs
  • Medieval CUE Splitter
    Key feature: Easy tool to split MP3s into tracks via CUE sheets
    Warning: Use only for splitting long MP3s. Not recommended for splitting FLAC/WAV as it reportedly introduces sector boundary errors (SBE) into audio. For splitting WAV, use CD Wave
  • Trader's Little Helper
    Key features: Decoding/encoding APE/FLAC/SHN, checksum, fixing SBE, tagging, lossy compression, batch rename, torrent creation

Mac & Windows

  • Audacity
    Key feature: General audio editing
  • shntool
    Key features: Command line data processing and reporting utility for WAV files, with ability to handle other formats such as APE/FLAC (must install helper programs to do so)
    For Mac, the easiest installation method is via Homebrew
  • FLAC
    Key features: Most common lossless audio compression format, with large repository of tools capable of handling the format
    For Mac, the easiest installation method for the command line tool is via Homebrew
  • Clementine
    Multiplatform music player that plays FLAC and accurately plays FLAC tracks from cue files

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