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General Reviews

Here is a consolidated list of reviews and ratings for Trespassing.
Many thanks to @AdamReviews for being the first point of reference for links to the latest reviews!

Publication Type Pub. Date & Issue Reviewer Title & Excerpt Country Rating (if any) Metacritic Equiv.
Advocate Magazine 2012-05-11 Jeremy Kinser Hot Sheet: Cheyenne Jackson Changes His Tune
"On half of his often-dazzling sophomore album the pop superstar makes the dance record we’ve longed for, but Glambert also wraps his magnificent voice around gorgeous melodies — some with politically infused lyrics."
United States #1 highlight of the week
AfterElton Entertainment News Site 2012-05-14 snicks Review: Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" Is Manna From Glitter Heaven
"Was it worth the wait? Adam fans will not be disappointed."
United States 4.5/5
Aftonbladet Newspaper 2012-05-11 Tara Moshizi
Har både själ och personlighet
"It would have been so easy to dismiss Adam Lambert as yet another prior American Idol participant who's desperately trying to stay relevant with the help of earwormy hits and ambitious styling. But the fact is that you can't ignore that this guy actually has something special. We call it talent. The songs, which could have passed as tiresome bubblegum pop, instead have both soul and personality thanks to Lambert's rocky yet still tender voice. In addition, he has the ability to build up emotions in his melodies, without getting stuck in long boring sections. I don't want to go as far as to call him a male Kelly Clarkson, but he's without a doubt awesome at managing his talent - even when the "Idol"-sign stops shining." (Translated from Swedish by @_ninni; translation source)
Sweden 3/5
AllMusic Music Site 2012-05-13 Stephen Thomas Erlewine Trespassing
"...Lambert is a genuine pop star who has now left American Idol far behind."
United States 4/5 80
Altsounds Music Site 2012-05-29 darmafall Review: Adam Lambert - Trespassing (Deluxe Version)
"Adam Lambert's growth as an artist is clearly portrayed throughout Trespassing, and is a phenomenal sophomore release. With a powerfully strong voice, irresistible choruses, and infectious dance beats, Adam Lambert successfully introduced his listeners to who he is. Whether you love Adam Lambert or love to hate him, Trespassing deserves to be raved upon."
ArjanWrites Blog 2012-05-22 Arjan A Few Words about Adam Lambert "Trespassing" and the Power of Pop
"Lambert perfectly understands the power of pop and uses the ever-evolving genre to his full advantage. While pushing the envelop creatively, artistically and personally, the singer gives people music to make their own and cherish forever, which makes him a pop star of the brightest kind."
United States
Associated Press News Site 2012-05-15 Wayne Parry Review: Adam Lambert goes dance pop on new album
If dance music or the club scene is your thing, then you'll love most of this album."
United States
Auditory Slam Blog 2012-05-09 Auditory Slam Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review
"...this CD really has a great number of songs that impress even me, one of his biggest critics...flawless production throughout with a great mix of rock, pop, electronica, and dance."
United States 7.5/10 (lose tracks 6,7 & 9 and this jumps up to a perfect score)
BBC Music News Site 2012-06-28 Nick Levine Adam Lambert Trespassing Review
"The first half of Trespassing offers a smorgasbord of succulent up-tempo pop...The album's second half is less entertaining...But even when his material sags, Lambert is a compelling presence: a likeable pop peacock with a vocal range Justin Hawkins might envy."
United Kingdom 60
Billboard Magazine 2012-05-15 Jason Lipshutz Adam Lambert, 'Trespassing': Track-By-Track Review
"'Trespassing' continues the work of the underrated 'For Your Entertainment and allows the singer to keep unveiling his character in broad, colorful strokes. The lesson with Adam Lambert is the same now as it was when he was burning up 'Idol' three years ago -- underestimate him at your own risk."
United States 86/100 86
Boners and Bitches Blog 2012-05-13 John Paul Gelinas Album Review - Adam Lambert Trespassing
"All in all, it’s a home run. I think this may be the album of the year, and if not, then at least the album of the summer."
United States Blog 2012-05-09 Lyssna på hela Adam Lamberts skiva
"The disc is filled with awesome tracks in a great pop/rock blend." (Translated from Swedish)
Sweden 4/5
Chicago Phoenix News Site 2012-05-15 Jason Radford A tragically undercooked Glambert United States
Convertz Of Good Taste Blog 2012-06-93 Aubrey Moses REVIEW - Trespassing by Adam Lambert
The duality of the Lambert's open sexuality and his deserved success help charge these songs to transcend pop into a statement, both of Lambert's belief in the power of freedom of choice and the strength of unity forged on the dancefloor."
United States A
Cool Kids Die Young Blog 2012-05-21 Deo Itaw Adam Lambert - Trespassing
"He sings every track like it's an Idol finale. Be it a dance anthem or ballad. That’s how exciting and exhilarating it is! In JLo’s words in Idol, 'it's just crazy'. It is."
Philippines 9/10
The Courier-Mail Newspaper 2012-07-07 John O'Brien Adam Lambert Trespassing (RCA/Sony)
"...on this latest outing Lambert stakes out a space somewhere between Darren Hayes and Prince, and at times he sounds like the self-styled successor to His Pint-Sized Purpleness, such as on the electro-funk opening title track...on the whole Lambert seems to be striving for greatness in his chosen genre. It's synth-pop at its purest - not my bag, but perfectly formed for its target audience."
Australia 2.5/5 Stars
Daily Mail Newspaper 2012-07-06 Adam Lambert: Trespassing
"...he serves up a bracing blend of pop and R&B."
United Kingdom 4/5 Stars
Daily Star Newspaper 2012-07-09 John Earls Adam Lambert: Trespassing - Album Review
"Forget the pop of his debut, Adam is now a sleek disco king. The best album George Michael never made, it’s a sublime mix of cheeky and polished, with echoes of everything from Thriller to Crazy In Love. Who needs Queen?"
United Kingdom 9/10 Stars
The Daily Telegraph Newspaper 2012-07-07 HB Adam Lambert Trespassing RCA
"The American Idol graduate, known to fans as 'Glambert', steps into the late Freddie Mercury's shoes to tour with Queen this summer, and – if his second album is anything to go by – has both the voice and the 'get–a–load–of–me' attitude to do his hero some justice. He draws heavily – and effectively – on the Eighties influences of Michael Jackson, George Michael and Queen on these pumped–up dance numbers, but the ballads are boring."
United Kingdom 3/5 Stars
Dallas Morning News Newspaper 2012-05-11 Mario Tarradell CD review: Adam Lambert steps wrong on dance album United States C
David Magazine Magazine 2012-05-13 Elijah Sarkesian Adam Lambert's 'Trespassing'
"Trespassing is one of the stronger, more consistent mainstream pop albums to come out in the past year..."
United States A-
Digital Spy Entertainment News Site 2012-07-05 Lewis Corner Adam Lambert: 'Trespassing' - Album review
"...a full-bodied piece of pop artistry that doesn't take notice of industry barriers and is all the more better for it."
United Kingdom 4/5 Stars
eMusic Music Site 2012-05-15 Barry Walters Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Deluxe Version) (Standard)
"Deftly idiosyncratic razzle-dazzle with an operatic intensity"
United States 5/5 Stars
Entertainment Focus Entertainment News Site 2012-05-13 Pip Ellwood Adam Lambert - Trespassing
"Trespassing is the album that we always hoped that Lambert would make. It sounds like it's really his project rather than a mish-mash of other artists and is an early contender for our pop record of the year."
United Kingdom 4/5 Stars
Entertainment Weekly Magazine 2012-05-18, Issue 1207 Melissa Maerz Music Review: Trespassing (2012) United States B- 67
EvokeOnline Magazine 2012-05-15 AlbumConfession Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" – Track By Track
"Trespassing is a phenomenal, near perfect release...This dance, funk sound fits the singer’s personality and vocal ability. Adam shows off the power he has and will go down as one of the greatest male vocalists to ever grace a stage."
United States 4.5/5 Stars
EQ Music Blog 2012-05-08 Jordan Meehan Album Review: "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert
"Trespassing is undoubtedly the pop album of the year..."
United Kingdom 9.5/10
Evansville Courier & Press News Site 2012-05-21 Chuck Campbell Tuned In: Adam Lambert's often-lackluster 'Trespassing' ... More United States 3/5
Evening Standard Newspaper 2012-07-06 John Aizlewood CDs of the week"
"Trespassing is his second album of impossibly perky, relentless electropop..."
United Kingdom 3/5 Stars
fab Magazine Magazine 2012-05-15 Phil Villeneuve Adam Lambert trespasses into pop territories
"It's hard to believe Adam Lambert is part of the American Idol alumni. He's very much his own artist and seems to have successfully escaped that pre-packaged vibe and sound that lot of those singers get stuck in. Trespassing is further proof that this guy is a wild one."
United States
Filthy Pop Blog 2012-05-20 Filthy Pop Adam Lambert's Trespassing is solid, BUT…
"Trespassing is an enjoyable album opened by uptempos. The first seven songs effortlessly mix pop, rock, and dance. Lambert shows his softer side in the second half."
Financial Times Newspapper 2012-07-06 Ludovic Hunter-Tilney Adam Lambert: Trespassing
"The American Idol runner-up convinces with a recording of sleek pop-funk songs and ballads."
United Kingdom 4/5 Stars
Gawker News Site 2012-05-17 Rich Juzwiak Adam Lambert: As Faggy As He Wants To Be
"Adam Lambert's consistently electrifying second album, Trespassing, is that freedom set to music."
United States
GloPop Music Site 2012-07-10 ddegroodt 'Trespassing' by Adam Lambert gets the GloPop Album Review treatment
"The standard album, consisting of 12 tracks contains a mix of radio friendly pop songs, with a few highlights and some very strong ballads. While the Queen influence is prominent throughout the whole album, it’s never over empowering which allows Lambert to come up with a unique personal album."
United Kingdom
The Guardian Newspaper 2012-07-05 Caroline Sullivan Adam Lambert: Trespassing – review
"'s perfectly enjoyable, even if a phalanx of the usual producers (Williams, Dr Luke) has ensured that it sounds like most other 2012 pop-dance albums...if few of the songs are classics, his octave-leaping voice is often a showstopper. If nothing else, Trespassing whets the appetite for the next (hopefully quirkier) record."
United Kingdom 3/5 Stars
Hamar Arbeiderblad Newspaper 2012-05-22 Anders Dalen
Adam Lambert Trespassing
"Oh my God, what a talent! The prince of glam and glitter, Adam Lambert, is back with a new full length album. Lambert is a relatively newly sprung star, who merged at a young age on the musical scenes and on American Idol. This hyper catchy, generic electro-pop is going to melt the ear canals of all Glee fans.
His style of singing is heavily influenced by icons such as Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson, and the boy with the golden voice has a register wide enough to pull off the incredibly demanding compostitions he has written.
Cool, diverse, impressive and incredibly dance-friendly!
" (Translated from Norwegian by @LambertNorway; translation source)
Norway 6/6
HitFix Music Site 2012-05-14 Melinda Newman Album Review: Adam Lambert's continuing evolution on 'Trespassing'
"'Trespassing' shows tremendous evolution in Lambert as an artist who has something to say and he continues to figure out the best ways and the best partners to bring along in that exploration."
United States A-
Houston Chronicle Newspaper 2012-05-14 Joey Guerra Lambert's 'Trespassing' is fierce and flashy
"There's a lot going on throughout 'Trespassing,' but it's to Lambert's credit that he never drowns in excess. He's a capable enough singer to not only keep his head above water but also to make almost every moment soar. Just follow the glitter trail in the sky."
United States 4/5 Stars
Irish News Newspaper 2012-05-18 John Kearns Trespasser
"Trespassing is like a voyeuristic glimpse into the future in terms of musical creativity and production technique. It is pretty stunning in all departments with each new track attempting to outdo the previous in a battle of brilliantly conceived and expertly executed compositions. The album is artistic dynamite, oozes decadent charm and sheer talent from every pore."
Ireland/Northern Ireland
JSOnline (Journal Sentinel) Newspaper 2012-05-17 Jon M. Gilbertson Adam Lambert: Trespassing
"Lambert polishes the mirrors of his dance club until they reflect every pose with sensuous clarity. He's trashy and unsubtle on tracks such as "Naked Love" and "Shady," but he has the pipes to sell the neo-Prince fantasy."
United States
Just Like Jerry Blog 2012-05-11 Jerry Sharell Adam Lambert, Carrie, Veep, Follies
"There's no denying Lambert's amazing vocal chops. And combined with his showmanship, he's proven himself one stellar entertainer."
United States A-
Metro Newspaper 2012-07-09 John Lewis Adam Lambert trades rock theatrics for high-fructose pop on Trespassing
"The best songs - Trespassing and Kickin' In - see Pharrell Williams using Lambert as a Michael Jackson manqué, as does the Nile Rodgers-assisted Shady. But even the drearier hi-NRG workouts have a strong song structure and a storytelling quality that marks them out from the competition."
United Kingdom
Miami Herald Newspaper 2012-05-15 Howard Cohen Adam Lambert breaks into dance clubs with lively 'Trespassing'
"...most of the album’s first half, especially the funky Trespassing, proves irresistible contemporary dance-pop at its finest."
United States 2.5/4 Stars Music Site 2012-05-13 Adam Lambert mit dem zweiten Album "Trespassing" Germany 7/8
Mix94.9FM Radio 2012-05-25 Jade Adam Lambert's Trespassing Album Review
"Great follow up album with strong lyrics, a great vocal range, you can feel his passion in his music. If there would be one less slow song and one more I wanna dance my butt off 'jam' the album would have gotten an A. I'm sure it doesn't hurt when you have a true fan reviewing your album. His voice speaks volumes to his fans."
United States B+
MSN Music Music Site 2012-05-15 Kurt B. Reighley Adam Lambert 'Trespassing'
"Somewhere the Scissor Sisters are sticking pins in an Adam Lambert voodoo doll, because his latest deftly tweaks that cult combo's glam/disco/AM radio hybrid for mainstream American ears."
United States 3.5/5 Stars
Music is my King Sized Bed Blog 2012-05-12 Jamie Sward Album Review: Adam Lambert - Trespassing
"Trespassing is the ultimate party album, because after rockin' out hardcore to the first seven tracks, you're going to need to take a breather."
United States
my paper Newspaper 2012-05-18 Victoria Barker Glambert goes wild
"...on his second album, Trespassing, he's gone further in terms of glitz and glamour...Each song is an electro-driven, dance-floor-ready, make-no-apologies anthem."
My Portis Wasp Blog 2012-05-08 Portis Wasp Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' Album Review
"...trespass he does wasps in the most joyfully cocky of ways over the 15 tracks that make up what might just be the best album you'll hear all year!"
New Straits Times Newspaper 2012-05-27 Subhadra Devan Blown away by Carrie
"The second album, Trespassing, from American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is seriously worth the listen from start to finish."
New York Post Newspaper 2012-05-14 Mary Huhn & Isaac Guzman Smokin' Willie on a country roll United States
New Zealand Herald Newspaper 2012-05-24 Scott Kara Album review: Trespassing - Adam Lambert
"...he's back bigger, bolder, and sounding more accomplished."
New Zealand 4/5 Stars
Newsday Newspaper 2012-05-14 Glenn Gamboa Adam Lambert's 'Trespassing'
"...a well-crafted collision of electronic dance pop and upper-register, booming vocals mostly about pushing the envelope and enjoying life."
United States B+
NU Intel News Site 2012-05-17 Stephen Autar Adam Lambert is back, gearing up to sit on pop throne
"'s a heavyweight pop record to be reckoned with...the result is a tight, sonically flawless and fun record with stirring lyricism."
United States
NY Daily News Newspaper 2012-05-08 Jim Farber Album Review: Adam Lambert, 'Trespassing'
(Top Ten in music for Sunday, May 13, 2012)

"...his deepest value as a singer, and a star, is his riveting certitude. That’s both politically potent (given his role as an out gay man), and artistically riveting: It's the sound of liberation achieved."
United States 4/5
The Observer Newspaper 2012-07-01 Kitty Empire Adam Lambert: Trespassing – review
"Trespassing is an oddly artisanal club-pop record. It will almost certainly make Lambert a star here in Europe, a continent not averse to pumping, anthemic, hi-NRG rave pop such as Cuckoo, one of this album's immediate pleasures."
United Kingdom 3/5 Stars 60
On The Radio Blog 2012-05-27 elbroide OnTheRadio Review: Adam Lambert – Trespassing
"A perfect pop album."
South Africa 5/5
People Magazine 2012-05-28 Adam Lambert: Trespassing
"Invading the dance-pop domain ruled by divas like Lady Gaga, Lambert stakes claim for the divos on his glamtastic second set."
United States 4/4 Stars
Planet Grady Blog 2012-05-09 Grady My Review of Adam Lambert's 'Trespassing'
"I dare to say that this is the best album I have heard so far all year."
United States
PLAYBACK:stl Entertainment News 2012-05-31 Laura Hamlett Adam Lambert Trespassing (Sony)
"This goes far, far beyond guilty pleasure. In fact, Trespassing dominates my most-played list on Spotify (as my husband was quick to point out). Pop music aficionados, you already know what I’m talking about, as Trespassing debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. As for you, fellow music snobs: Go ahead. Give in. You have permission to hold your head up proudly while you give in to the oh-so-perfect Adam Lambert groove."
United States A+
Pop Messiah Blog 2012-05-08 Dean Boudreau Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" Canada Gift from Pop Heaven
Pop Quiz Blog 2012-05-21 Brett Adam Lambert, "Trespassing"
"Trespassing, Adam Lambert’s sophomore album, breaks free from the chains of American Idol. He’s not just a reality show runner-up with a record deal. He’s the new Prince of Pop."
United States B+
Popblerd!! Blog 2012-05-17 Blerd Spin Cycle: Adam Lambert's Trespassing
"Adam Lambert has succeeded in not only putting out two solid albums, but also makes me quite curious about what he might pull out of his glittery hat for album #3."
United States B+
Popcrush Music Site 2012-05-15 Scott Shetler 'Adam Lambert, 'Trespassing' – Album Review
"...while 'For Your Entertainment' was a credible debut, Lambert's second album, 'Trespassing,' more fully captures his personality. It's a better representation of the singer's own personal style, his interests and his desires."
United Sates 4/5 Stars
Popdust Blog 2012-05-08 Read the Popdust reviews for all 12 tracks on Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" United States
PopLedge Blog 2012-05-12 Sarah Hamilton Album Review – Adam Lambert – Trespassing (Track by Track)
"Adam really tells his story through this album, it's personal and emotional but also contains a sense of fun and naughtiness at the same time. This could be a hard balance to strike for some but Lambert and his team deserve credit for the structure and execution of this album..."
United Kingdom 9/10
PopMatters Entertainment News Site 2012-06-14 Josh Langhoff Adam Lambert: Trespassing United States 5/10 50
Rolling Stone Magazine 2012-05-24, Issue 1157 Rob Sheffield Adam Lambert: Music Review
(Also published on

"So here's the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make...Glambert sings everything like Zeus in a thong."
United States 4/5 Excellent 80
Salon News Site 2012-07-04 Annie Zaleski 2012 mid-year musts: Yes, really
"Adam Lambert is one of the few pop stars with the chops to craft cohesive albums, not just indelible singles. 'Trespassing' is a sleek collection encompassing retro-minded funk, slinky disco, hi-NRG techno, robo-pop and soulful ballads. More impressive is Lambert’s versatility: He’s such a talented vocalist, he can handle sensitive tunes and dance-floor jams without missing a beat."
United States
Slant Magazine 2012-05-14 Jonathan Keefe Adam Lambert: Trespassing
"...Trespassing marks a strutting step forward for Lambert."
United States 3.5/5 70
Softpedia Information Site 2012-05-12 Elena Gorgan Adam Lambert “Trespassing” – Album Review
"If liberation had an official "spokesperson", it would be Adam – and 'Trespassing' the album would be the anthem."
United States
Source Sunday Newspaper 2012-05-27 John Kereiff Top Tracks
"Dance music and the club vibe aren't my thing – but be damned if I didn't throw on the Idol runner-up's latest (and second) full album and start having an instant good time."
Canada 4/5
Spin or Bin Blog 2012-05-08 Spin or Bin Exclusive
"Pop. Premium. Deluxe."
Suite 101 News Site 2012-05-16 Markos Papadatos Adam Lambert Album Review: "Trespassing"
"...there is no shadow of a sophomore slump on Adam Lambert's newest album. It garners an A rating. It showcases his raw and natural talent, as well as his vulnerability as an artist, and allows his listeners to 'trespass' into his musical world."
United States A
The Sunday Times Newspaper 2012-07-08 Dan Cairns Adam Lambert Trespassing RCA 88725402542
"His live performances with the remaining members of Queen signal Adam Lambert's Freddie mania loud and clear, leaving no room for doubt as to the American Idol runner-up's musical passions. The title track of his new album is a further pointer, borrowing from Another One Bites the Dust its reverse cymbal and piano, and nailing Lambert's colours to the mast. A 17-track curate's egg, Trespassing careers around genres with promiscuous glee, an army of co-writers and producers furnishing Lambert with a succession of platforms for his astonishing voice. It's a pretty exhausting affair, but, at its best — Shady, Kickin' In, Broken English — it's pretty fabulous, too."
United Kingdom
Taking Over The Universe Blog 2012-05-17 GaoSalad Album Review - Adam Lambert "Trespassing"
"I am in love with this album. Sending both dark yet positive messages, Adam manages to accomplish what few others have done in the realm of pop music, and that is make an album where every single song is amazing...This is a very strong contender for album of the year, not just from Taking Over The Universe, but also from respected blogs, sites, and organizations worldwide. Adam is back. Dark Pop is back. God I love it."
United States A
The Hollywood Reporter Magazine 2012-05-15 Shirley Halperin Adam Lambert's 'Trespassing': Track-By-Track
"Trespassing, Adam Lambert's highly anticipated sophomore effort, which, in one start-to-finish sitting, takes the listener full circle much like a relationship would or a night out or a block of time known as life."
United States
TheWrap News Site 2012-05-15 Chris Willman Adam Lambert CD Review: 'Trespassing' Shows Us the True, Naked Adam United States
Under the Gun Reviews Entertainment News Site 2012-05-12 Grace Duffy Review: Adam Lambert – Trespassing
"Trespassing is easily the most enjoyable pop album yet this year. It's a welcome injection of life and stunning artistic achievement for a sterile scene, from a visionary performer who ought to be celebrated."
United States 9/10
USA Today Newspaper 2012-05-14 Brian Mansfield Listen Up notables: Lambert, Presley, more
(Track by Track Review)
"Adam Lambert cavorts with the beats and sounds of electronic dance music on 'Trespassing,' the album fans have been waiting for."
United States 3/4 Stars
US Weekly Magazine 2012-05-21 Ian Drew Adam Lambert Trespassing
"The American Idol season 8 runner-up starves off a sophomore slump with a steamy second postshow CD."
United States 3/4
Washington Times Newspaper 2012-05-14 Andrew Leahey LISTENING STATION: Adam Lambert, Willie Nelson
"'Trespassing' is perpetually over-the-top — even absurd at points, especially during the schmaltzy, operatic ballads that dominate the second half — but it's also a career-defining album for Mr. Lambert, who sounds elated to finally let his true colors shine."
United States 3/? Stars
Yahoo! Music Canada Music Site 2012-05-15 Dave DiMartino Adam Lambert Actually Quite Good Shock!
"The new album is slickly produced – almost annoyingly so – but filled with hooky, catchy pop tunes that are commercial but not pandering and, as such, seems an actual piece of art rather than a by-product of a dreary television show...This is polished, respectable work, and I'm happy to say I like it."
Yahoo! Music: Reality Rocks Music Site 2012-05-08 Lyndsey Parker Adam Lambert’s 'Trespassing': It's That Deep
"Trespassing is one of the best pop albums you will hear in 2012."
United States

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