2010-10-06 Tokyo, Japan (Glam Nation Tour)

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Glam Nation Tour.jpg Date: October 6, 2010
Event: Glam Nation Tour
Type: Concert
Televised: No
Venue: JCB Hall
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan


Tonight's the first of three nights at JCB Hall, Tokyo. Adam says he wants to "slay it tonight in TOKYO" and he sure does.[1]

  • Adam's vocals are on fire tonight. During "Fever" he does some new vocal improvisations towards the end. Extra flirting from Tommy right before the kiss in the song.
  • In "Whataya Want From Me", Adam changes up the lyrics and sings "cause babies you're beautiful" to the delight of the crowd.
  • The crowd is stunned into silence by the gorgeous vocals in the rest of the acoustic section, beginning with "Soaked" (although one lone guy exclaims "bravo" towards the end). "Broken Open" and "Aftermath" are absolutely beautiful.
  • Issac plays an amazing drum segment during the interlude "Sure Fire Winners". Monte adds some Hendrix touches to his solo as well.
  • In "Music Again", Adam approaches the crowd several times, touching the hands of several members of the audience in front at various points the song.
  • Adam "jacks off" Tommy's bass during "If I Had You". During Brooke's introduction he does a cute child's skip with her before Brook crawls under his legs and dirty dances with him from behind.


  1. Voodoo
  2. For Your Entertainment
  3. Down the Rabbit Hole
  4. Ring of Fire
  5. Fever
  6. Sleepwalker
  7. Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)
  8. Soaked (Acoustic)
  9. Broken Open (Acoustic)
  10. Aftermath (Acoustic)
  11. Erotica Interlude, Sure Fire Winners
  12. Strut
  13. Music Again
  14. If I Had You
  15. Encore: 20th Century Boy



  1. http://twitter.com/#!/adamlambert/status/26515193676

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