2012-08-24 Sunrise, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Sunrise (2012-08-24).jpg Date: August 24, 2012
Event: Sunrise (Trespassing Promo)
Type: Morning Show
Televised: Yes
Venue: Seven's Martin Place studio
City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia


Adam performs "Whataya Want From Me" and "Trespassing" on Sunrise, a popular Australian breakfast show. For this performance, he is accompanied only on keys by Brian London. He is also interviewed briefly on the show.

Later, in the same studio, Adam is a guest on The Morning Show, where he chats about his rise to fame and reinventing his look. He also meets a 13-year-old Aussie fan, Blake Fitzpatrick, who earlier that month, had made an "If I Had You" cover video that Adam liked and subsequently tweeted on.


  1. Whataya Want From Me
  2. Trespassing


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