2012 NewNowNext Awards

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2012 NewNowNext Awards (2012-04-09).jpg Date: April 9, 2012 (Taped April 5, 2012)
Event: 2012 NewNowNext Awards (Trespassing Promo)
Type: Award Show
Televised: No
Venue: Avalon Hollywood
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States


Adam performs "Trespassing" on TV for the first time for Logo's 2012 NewNowNext Awards. This ultra-hot performance features a blistering set of vocals, and is accompanied by new musical director Brian London on keys, and, backup singers Octavia Latrice and Keisha Renee.


  1. Trespassing


Improved media

Improved audio only

  • Trespassing M4A audio edited by Terra Merged the opening notes of the broadcast, director's cut version with the better sounding (less audience noise) preview version that had missing notes. This was all done by manually cutting and replacing, without any transcoding so there is no quality loss.

Best of web videos with improved audio (Terra's edit)

Note: These combine most of the HD720p web preview video with the lower res 432p version, and improved audio for the best visual/audio experience. The segments of Adam placing his hands on his waist and Andrej Pejic dancing to Trespassing, which were removed from the broadcast version, have been re-added to the video. The video also features more of Ashley grooving to the music.

Broadcast version with improved audio


  1. Note that the Director's cut audio isn't as good as the Preview version due to the extra audience noise.

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