2015-12-31 Celebrate 2016, Singapore

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Celebrate 2016.jpg Date: December 31, 2015
Event: Celebrate 2016 (The Original High Tour)
Type: Concert
Televised: Yes
Venue: The Float at Marina Bay
City: Singapore
State: Singapore
Country: Singapore


Adam headlines Singapore's televised New Year's Eve concert. He performs two sets: the first is televised; the second is a surprise set that takes place after the fireworks. This concert is the first time "Rumors" is performed.


First Set

  1. Evil in the Night
  2. Ghost Town
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. Another Lonely Night
  5. Trespassing / Another One Bites the Dust (Medley)

Second Set

  1. The Light / The Original High / Never Close Our Eyes (Medley)
  2. Mad World
  3. Underground / Rumors (Medley)
  4. If I Had You




  1. As the recording in the live TV broadcast had two noticeable audio glitches in Ghost Town (6:07) and Another Lonely Night (13:10), these glitches have been near-losslessly patched with a few seconds of audio from the (slightly inferior sounding) repeat broadcast. Audio track 1 is the repaired audio track; audio track 2 is the original audio.
  2. This video was sourced from here (but video was first posted here). However, audio from violetglitz's SD TV cap above have been added as secondary tracks 2 and 3 as they sound better than the 1080i cap. To play the video with these secondary tracks, you will need to manually switch to audio track 2 (or 3).
    Track 1: Original 5.1 AC3 audio from 1080i cap
    Track 2: Audio from violetglitz's cap with patched audio from repeat broadcast
    Track 3: Audio from violetglitz's cap without patches
    Track 4: Original 2Ch/1Ch LATM AAC audio from 1080i cap (stereo playback only works on certain players)
  3. The full web version of the second set was uploaded in 288p, while the individual tracks were mostly uploaded in 540p; "Mad World" was uploaded in 400p. This version upscales "Mad World" to 540p, and VideoRedo was used to losslessly join all the 540p tracks together while filling the gaps with the 288p. Audio was taken from the full 288p video (same quality as the 540p).

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