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Album Reviews

Publication Type Pub. Date & Issue Reviewer Excerpt Country Rating (if any) Metacritic Equiv.
ABC News Tevision News 2015-06-20 Allan Raible Adam Lambert’s “The Original High”(Deluxe Version)
"His first album in three years is also his Warner Brothers debut and it is a confident, albeit formulaic pop record. This is a crisp collection and Lambert shows he has some dynamite pipes. The set has a unified quality to it as well, which is remarkable considering that it is essentially a compilation of Lambert’s work with a variety of writers and producers."
United States 3/5
Album Confessions Blog 2015-06-15 Luis Gonzalez Adam Lambert's "The Original High" - Album Review
"The Original High was a long time coming. The wait definitely paid off. Uncertainty arose after departing from his previous record label, but Adam Lambert stuck to his guns and put his all into a cohesive album that continues to show the many layers of the artist's persona and creative abilities."
United States 4.5/5
AllMusic Music Site 2015-06-08 Stephen Thomas Erlewine Adam Lambert: The Original High
"Throughout The Original High, Adam Lambert demonstrates he's in perfect control of his style and sound and knows how to combine both into a sterling modern pop record."
United States 4/5 80%
Boston Globe Newspaper 2015-06-15 Maura Johnston Adam Lambert, ‘The Original High’
"On his third post-“Idol” album he pulls back a bit, allowing the contours of his voice to shape mature pop songs about longing and desire... It’s an appealing snapshot of how Lambert has grown, and how he’s still willing to surprise his listeners and himself."
United States 70%
Dagens Industri Weekend Magazine 2015-06-12 Jan Gradvall Skivor: Melodier 
att döda för (Translation)
"Popmusik på 2010-talet görs inte snyggare än så här."
Sweden 4/5
Digital Journal News Site 2015-06-10 Markos Papadatos Review: Adam Lambert magnificent on 'The Original High' studio album
"Overall, Adam Lambert's latest studio album is sheer perfection. He proves to get better with every release. All of the tracks on this CD are keepers, making it difficult to select a favorite. He is the epitome of top-notch vocal talent."
United States 5/5
Digital Spy Entertainment Site 2015-06-15 Lewis Corner Adam Lambert: The Original High album review - Tenacious modern pop
"The Original High is a bold and tenacious modern pop record that he can call another victory."
United Kingdom 3/5
Female First Entertainment Site 2015-06-09 Daniel Falconer Adam Lambert - 'The Original High' track-by-track Female First AND fan review
"In its entirety, 'The Original High' is nothing short of a piece of art."
United Kingdom 4.5/5
The Gizzle Review Blog 2015-06-17 Adam Lambert - The Original High
Every track is a certified banger, equally relevant to 2015 and Lambert’s career. This extends to the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition."
United Kingdom 4/5
The Guardian Newspaper 2015-06-11 Tshepo Mokoena Adam Lambert: The Original High review – a bouncy pop-house journey
His signature wailing vocal sounds as powerful as ever, though benefits from the odd use of restraint while songs such as The Original High and Lucy build to their fist-pumping climaxes."
United Kingdom 3/5 60%
Herald Sun Newspaper 2015-06-11 Cameron Adams Album of the Week: Lambert Gives Very Good Pop (Source 2)
"The Original High is the kind of clever, modern pop album Madonna didn’t quite make this year."
Australia 4/5
Hit The Floor Magazine 2015-06-17 Hannah Dix Adam Lambert – The Original High Album Review
"Adam Lambert has dropped the theatrics, displays his unrivalled vocal range and incredible runs while successfully combining elements of pop, soul, rock and house. With a hot image and well-produced music, here’s hoping Adam‘s not going anywhere!"
United States 7/10
HMV Ireland Music Site 2015-06-11 Tony Adam Lambert: The Original High
"A fresh approach to the kind of pop music that has made Lambert such a successful contemporary star."
Idolator Entertainment Site 2015-06-16 Jonathan Riggs Adam Lambert’s ‘The Original High’: Album Review
"Overall, The Original High boasts an impressive range and swings for the fences with a bejeweled bat...It’s always exciting to see an artist whose talent is as strong as his or her vision, and Adam Lambert seems reborn on this record."
United States 4/5 Lifestyle Site 2015-06-12 Marta Šindlauerová Adam Lambert o něco víc tančí. A skoro vůbec neškobrtá
"Adam Lambert je příklad toho, že nemusíte být ve všem první, abyste byli v něčem nejlepší. Na špičce mužského poprocku se drží už několik let a při poslechu aktuální třetí desky The Original High, která se zase povedla, se není čemu divit."
Czech Republic 80%
La Parisienne Life Blog 2015-06-11 Steph The Original High : Un album étincelant pour Adam Lambert! (Translation)
"The Original High est la première production d’Adam Lambert sur le label Warner Bros. et l’album a toutes les qualités requises pour devenir son plus gros succès commercial et enfin permettre à l’artiste d’avoir la carrière qu’il mérite à l’internationale!"
France 80%
Mark Gilroy Vocals & Keys Blog 2015-06-19 Mark Gilroy Album Review: Adam Lambert 'The Original High'
"Adam Lambert's third record deserves to be his most commercially-successfully album so far."
United Kingdom 9.5/10
Music Daily Music Site 2015-06-19 Vivienn Lemezajánló: Adam Lambert The Original High-ja
"Összefoglalva, a lemezfelépítése hibátlan, a bulis dalokat bulis számok követik, finoman megy a leépítés a balladákig, majd lassabbal visszatérünk a táncparkettre, a végére pedig maradni némi csipkelődés, ami a popszakmában elengedhetetlen. Kit nevezünk bohócnak? Hát biztos nem Adam Lambertöt, aki minden bizonnyal az év egyik legforróbb albumát ütötte össze Max Martinnal és Shellbackkel."
Hungary 9.5/10
Music God CJ Plain Blog 2015-06-09 CJ Plain Adam Lambert – The Original High CD Review
"This should go a long way to making Adam an even bigger star than he already is."
United States 9/10
Newsday Newspaper 2015-06-11 Glenn Gamboa The Original High' review: Adam Lambert lifts his game
"BOTTOM LINE: Learning from the best, making his own decisions."
United States A-
New York Daily News Newspaper 2015-06-15 Jim Farber Adam Lambert's 'The Original High'
"Even when tempered, Lambert outshines most other singers. The innate theatricality to his voice makes it seem huge no matter his volume or inflection... If the end result isn’t as big a blast as the star’s previous records, it still has his likable tone and witty character to count on."
United States 3/5 60%
New York Times Newspaper 2015-06-15 Jon Caramanica Review: Adam Lambert Tones Down Excess on ‘The Original High’
"Maybe, to succeed, Mr. Lambert had to find a way to submit to something greater. And on “The Original High,” his third full-length record, he’s managed just that."
United States 70%
OK! Entertainment Magazine 2015-06-10 KH Music: The Original High
"Full of catchy tracks, Lambert's first album in three years appears to have been worth the wait."
United Kingdom 4/5
People Entertainment Magazine 2015-06-22 People Picks: No. 6 – Adam Lambert, The Original High
"The vocal powerhouse sought inspiration across the pond, teaming with a slew of Swedish hitmakers to deliver his most emotional set yet."
United States
PLAYBACK:stl Entertainment Site 2015-06-21 Adam Lambert: The Original High (Warner Bros.)
"With The Original High, Adam Lambert has become the new King of Pop—and it’s a title well deserved."
United States A
Popology Now Blog 2015-06-13 Richard Baxter Album Review: Adam Lambert – ‘The Original High’
"Without a doubt, ‘The Original High’ is Adam’s strongest, most cohesive effort to date. All traces of his glam-rock personality have been tossed aside in favor of a fresh Euro-pop sound that fully embraces the darker side of Lambert."
United States
Portis Wasp Blog 2015-06-10 Portis Adam Lambert's 'The Original High': A Track-by-Track Review
"The Original High is a way more accomplished record than his last and one that confirms in quite a sad way really that this boy is the only male artist in pop that we can trust in since 2009 for great pop music."
Scotland 4/5
PressPLAY Music Site 2015-06-08 REVIEW: Adam Lambert – The Original High
"This black-and-white rebirth is a turning point for Lambert, not least because it’s allowed him to shed all the frills that he may have felt obliged to project under his old image, ready to show us what he’s really capable of. But maybe those high-theatrics were the workout for Lambert; clearly that path has allowed him to become such a muscular performing artist that he can shoulder the burden of a record front-loaded with power-packed chart smashes."
United Kingdom 4/5
Pure Charts Music Site 2015-06-20 YR Adam Lambert, Giorgio Moroder et Rose : 3 albums au banc d'essai
"Eve, lève-toi... et danse ! Révélé dans "American Idol" en 2008, Adam Lambert poursuit sa mue avec ce troisième album hybride, synonyme de renouveau. Après des "différends artistiques", la popstar de 33 ans s'est trouvé un autre label qui lui a donné carte blanche. Sur "The Original High", Adam Lambert prend plaisir à jouer les caméléons et ça s'entend ! Sa voix, pur diamant brut, est la pierre angulaire de ces onze pistes (14 sur la version deluxe) s'éloignant du glam-rock de ses débuts pour explorer des horizons inédits."
France 3.5/5
Rolling Stone Entertainment Magazine 2015-06-04 Brittany Spanos REVIEW: Adam Lambert – The Original High
"Even when the lyrics verge on ridiculousness, he's one of the biggest personalities in pop."
United States 3/5 60%
Starpulse Entertainment Site 2015-06-22 Brent M Faulkner Review: Adam Lambert Delivers The Goods On 'The Original High'
"Ultimately, The Original High is pretty addictive and well conceived. There’s a nice balance of dance, rockers, and urban-infused pop records that all suit Lambert well. No it’s not the “second coming,” but it is a very strong pop album by an insanely gifted artist."
United States 4/5
Time Magazine 2015-06-22 Katherine St. Asaph Review: Adam Lambert’s The Original High Is an Actual Pop Album
"But it’s easily the most coherent album Lambert has released. Where For Your Entertainment was an Idol alumnus’s album, and Trespassing was the work of an artist with intermittently interesting material, The Original High is a pretty good pop album, with ambitions toward more."
United States
The Backlot Entertainment Site 2015-06-09 Snicks Review: Adam Lambert’s “The Original High” Is The Soundtrack Of Summer
"Now, almost exactly three years since the release of Trespassing, Adam has risen from the ashes of his previous label, and with The Original High has given us another well crafted pop album."
United States 3.5/4
Yahoo! Music Music Site 2015-06-06 Lyndsey Parker Adam Lambert's 'The Original High': A Track-by-Track Guide
"The Original High is indeed a triumphant return. Adam Lambert is back. It may not be the guylinered, glittery, glam-rock Adam Lambert that some people expect, but that’s OK. It’s actually more than OK."
United States

"Ghost Town" Single Reviews

Here is a list of reviews and ratings for "Ghost Town" from The Original High.

Publication Type Pub. Date & Issue Reviewer Excerpt Country Rating
4 Your Excitement: Entertainment News Site 2015-04-21 Adam Lambert’s #GhostTown Has Arrived And It Is Completely Awesome!
"Adam Lambert has released his new, much longed for and highly anticipated single, “Ghost Town” and yes, it is all that we could have hoped for and more."
United Kingdom
Attitude Magazine 2015-04-13 Nick Bond Adam Lambert’s new single ‘Ghost Town': The first review
"It’s definitely unlike anything Adam’s ever done before. Gone are some of the more OTT glam rock moments of his previous two albums, replaced with a more understated, sophisticated – dare we say, cooler - sound."
United Kingdom Lifestyle Site 2015-05-06 Bill Lamb Adam Lambert - "Ghost Town"
"Produced by pop mastermind Max Martin, wrapped up in ultra-trendy house beats, and so catchy it only takes one time through for it to stick for hours in your head, the song has massive hit potential written all over it."
United States 4.5/5
Bustle Entertainment News Site 2015-04-21 Rachel Semigran Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" Lyrics Show A Different Side Of The Singer & It Really Suits Him
"Take a close listen to the lyrics of “Ghost Town” and if you’re not already a Lambert fan, you just might soon become one."
United States
Clickmusic Music Site 2015-04-19 Paul Leake Adam Lambert ‘Ghost Town’: ghoulishly sexy and stark
"'Ghost Town' will be a definitive moment in his career because this is him at his purest. There's no drama behind the scenes and there are no silly games to play – this is all about the music he wants to make. He fuses a dark house melody with bleak lyrics about death and heartbreak, creating a minimalist pop song that's both sexy and stark. It sounds familiar in part because of that tried-and-tested whistling hook, but this is a fresh new approach that will please newcomers and his most devoted fans."
United Kingdom 4.5/5
Daily Star Newspaper 2015-04-13 Plug Into... Adam Lambert / Ghost Town
"Who needs Brian May or Roger Taylor when you got songs like this? And it's certainly way better than Madonna's Ghosttown."
United Kingdom
Digital Journal News Site 2015-04-21 Markos Papadatos Review: Adam Lambert haunting on new single and lyric video 'Ghost Town'
"Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" garners an A rating. It displays his wide range as a vocalist and artist. Hopefully, the radio airwaves will embrace it, and give it the attention it deserves. If this is any indication of how his new album is going to sound like, then his audience is in for a real treat. Knowing Lambert one could not expect anything less."
United States A
Digital Spy Entertainment News Site 2015-04-13 Lewis Corner Adam Lambert's new single 'Ghost Town' first listen review: Compelling
"Essentially, it's a mood perfect for Adam's balance of glam rock image, soulful vocal and today's house music-dominated landscape. 'Ghost Town's verses are dusty and spacious, as Adam wanders through them with an acoustic guitar line searching for his Beatrice (figuratively speaking) within the Dante-esque narrative."
United Kingdom
Entertainment Focus Entertainment News Site 2015-04-27 Pip Ellwood Adam Lambert – Ghost Town single review
"The track is both beautifully haunting and incredibly catchy, and it’s refreshing to hear Lambert turn in a more restrained vocal. Lyrically the song is pretty sad lamenting on the loss (and lack) of love, something we’re sure many people can relate to."
United Kingdom 5/5
FDRMX Music Site 2015-04-21 Adam Lambert: ‘Ghost Town’ Single Review
"One of Lambert’s defining characteristics in his music is his ability to create a balance in everything he does, and the song doesn’t only strike a balance thematically but also musically… Being in a ghost town isn’t all metaphysical realities and bitter regrets—there is real, tangible anger in it that Lambert’s voice executes effortlessly."
United States 4.6/5
Female First Entertainment News Site 2015-04-21 Daniel Falconer Adam Lambert single review - 'Ghost Town'
"This is without a doubt the best single Adam has ever released and the one that is most likely to see huge commercial success."
United Kingdom 5/5
The Guardian Newspaper 2015-04-24 Michael Cragg Adam Lambert – Ghost Town
"Lyrically melancholic (the verses ooze with dejection) but musically upbeat, it carries all the hallmarks of a Max Martin future classic."
United Kingdom
Huffington Post UK News Site 2015-04-21 Daniel Welsh Adam Lambert Reveals New Single 'Ghost Town': Here Are 5 Things We Love About The 'Americal Idol' Singer's Track...
"By the time he’s uttering his final “my heart is a ghost town”, though, he’s hit those high notes he’s become famous for, reminding everyone why he’s undeniably one of the most exciting male popstars in the world right now."
United Kingdom
HyperReality Blog 2015-04-21 Steven S. Shaw Adam Lambert Returns with New Single “Ghost Town,” and It’ll Blow Your Mind!
"If “Ghost Town” is a gateway drug, I’m fully prepared for the addictive album to follow."
United States Music Site 2015-04-21 Musikvideo: Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
"Mit "Ghost Town" legt Adam Lambert einen gelungenen Popsong vor, der durch dosierte EDM-Elementen letztendlich begeistert. Der Track dürfte auf dem Dancefloor genauso wie im Radio funktionieren. Feiner Track!"
Germany Entertainment News Site 2015-04-13 Michael Pell We Had A Listen Of Adam Lambert's 'Ghost Town' & We Can't Get It Out Of Our Heads
"Lambert's vocals are flawless and having toured with the mighty Queen, you'd expect no less. However, if you're looking for more rock anthema from this American Idol diva, 'Ghost Town' is the perfect introduction to his third album and we're sure he's got some more tricks up his bejeweled sleeves."
United Kingdom
Music Unlabeled Music Site 2015-04-21 Cortlyn Matney “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert: Single Review
"The song is evocative and really holds the attention. It certainly lives up to all of my other favorite tracks from Adam Lambert, and makes me interested in hearing the rest of the album that is on the way."
United States
MuuMuse Music Site 2015-04-21 Bradley Stern “Ghost Town”: Adam Lambert Returns With A Chilly, Shape-Shifting Smash
"So, “Ghost Town”: Is it an acoustic guitar ballad? A club anthem? A tribal chant? A subtle game-changer for male pop? Supreme Swede-pop? All of the above? Time will soon tell. “Ghost Town” isn’t readily definable, which is part of what makes it so intriguing — and certainly the reason why the song’s been haunting my speakers ever since it debuted."
United States
Official Charts Music Site 2015-04-13 Rob Copsey Adam Lambert makes triumphant return with new song Ghost Town: First listen review
"The singer returns with a bonkers track that forces you to sit up and take notice."
United Kingdom
Pop Corker Blog 2015-04-21 ddg1985 Adam Lambert releases hotly anticipated single ‘Ghost Town’
"The Max Martin-produced Eurodance floor-filler is a modern take on the nineties House genre, and undoubtedly the most radio friendly and current track Lambert has recorded in his music career to date."
United Kingdom
Pop Messiah Blog 2015-04-21 Dean Boudreau The 3rd Coming: Adam Lambert’s #GhostTown begins the Rapture of “The Original High”
"After the second hook, the bridge goes balls out, with Lambert’s vocals soaring and climaxing with what might be the most glorious vocal performance of the word “Oh” that I can recall on record, before the chorus explodes in whistles and basslines once more to finish you off. It’s the most transcendant 15 seconds of recorded music I’ve heard this year, and for me personally, it’s the biggest payoff of the entire track."
POP On And On Music Site 2015-04-21 David Esquivel First Listen: Adam Lambert – Ghost Town
"Adam Lambert comes out of nowhere and drops one hell of a record on us with “Ghost Town” and I can barely even. Lambert fuses gorgeous POP melodies with deep electro-house for an absolutely smashing sound."
United States
Popjustice Music Site 2015-04-21 Adam Lambert – ‘Ghost Town’
"'Ghost Town' is an unusual but instantly accessible (and also very good) song which does indeed take Adam somewhere new and does, we feel, have the potential to make sense of the fuss to people who aren't Glamberts and don't care about online traffic. It feels strange to suggest that someone with such a big profile might have delivered a crossover hit three albums into their career, but here it is."
United Kingdom 9/10
Popdust Entertainment News Site 2015-04-21 Jason Scott The Singles Bar — Adam Lambert Haunts With Moody ‘Ghost Town’
"There’s a cool juxtaposition of the sorrowful story with the vibrant, pulsating beats thumping in the veins, but it’s Lambert’s nuanced vocal take that launches the song into the stratosphere. It’s not the first or even second listen that ropes you in: there’s something otherworldly about that third listen that envelopes you like a million steel chains, eerily wrapping around your body. While there’s not a proper chorus as we’ve come to know from mainstream pop, Lambert creates an atmospheric experience that is just as profound and captivating."
United States 4/5
PopWrapped Entertainment News Site 2015-04-21 Shane Avery Adam Lambert Is BACK With New Single Ghost Town
"When “Ghost Town” kicks off, we’re not too sure what’s coming at us, until that magical chorus when everything changes. It’s a huge turning point for Adam, and has made yours truly even more excited for what’s to come off his next album “The Original High”, due out June 16th."
United States
SugarScape Entertainment News Site 2015-04-13 Carl Smith Single review: Adam Lambert - 'Ghost Town'
"If we had to compare it to anything, we'd say it's like Avicii but even more batsh*t bonkers. A darker David Guetta. Martin Garrix gone MOODY."
United Kingdom
The Magic Critique Blog 2015-04-21 Matthew Carenza 'Ghost Town' by Adam Lambert
"This is a slice of perfection, and it just goes to show that Adam is one of the few true male pop stars we have."
United States
The POPshock Blog 2015-04-21 Dijeizasin Adam Lambert – “Ghost Town”
"It’s then on the 2nd listen you realise this is all genius. It takes what we expect from the male popstar archetype (either your Ed Sheerans or your Sam Smiths) and spins it on its head – Adam is delivering soul and drama over straight up house!"
United Kingdom
Yahoo! Music Music Site 2015-04-17 Lyndsey Parker The Dream of the ‘90s Is Alive in Adam Lambert’s 'Ghost Town’
"I have heard the future of pop. It sounds a bit like '90s pop. It also sounds amazing. It is “Ghost Town,” the forthcoming single by Adam Lambert, and true to its title, it is hauntingly catchy. "
United States

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